Welcome to the ccee department!                     

"I cordially invite you to join our Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department at SDSU. Why? There are several important reasons, outlined below, why those fields of study are attractive, and why our SDSU programs represent an excellent choice for your future."

Dr. Janusz Supernak
Professor and Interim Chair

Why should you consider Civil, Construction or Environmental Engineering as your fields of study? What is so special about these professions?

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is unique for several reasons. All three degrees programs represent "people-serving" professions. Without them there would not be such magnificent projects as the Great Wall of China, Roman aqueducts, Hoover Dam, Sears Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our national interstate highway system. Without them, we would not have drinking water or common sanitary amenities we use every day. Without them, our standard of living would would be drastically lower. All three are stable professions that command a good salary. All three have excellent long term prospects for employment. All three will give you a noble, satisfying, long-term career